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Grading our Alpaca Fibre Pool

We grade to create the greatest value for alpaca fibre we receive

With years of experience in textiles, we seek to attain fibre and grade it into packages that give value to the industry.

The three attributes of huacaya and Suri that we grade for is that of:




Grading: About the Company
Grading: Our Products

White Grades

Coarse Shorts: 1-3 inch 30 < micron

Fine Shorts: 2-3 inch >25 micron

Strong combing: 3-4 inch 30+ micron

Medium Combing: 3-4 inch 26-30 micron

Fine Combing: 3-4 inch 24-25 micron

Extra Fine Combing: 3-4 inch 22-23 Micron

Super Fine Coming: 3-4 inch 20-21 Micron

Ultra Fine Combing: 3-4 inch 18-9 Micron

Baby combing: 3-4 inch <16 Micron

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